Purism, at last.

We love the smell of gasoline

As true car enthusiasts, we love to share and exchange with other petrolheads.

„If you do something, do it with passion.“ – This all started about passion – for cars, for driving, for the automotive lifestyle. We founded VdS out of the idea to connect purists, drivers and car builders that share the same passion we live out every day.

As Van de Schnee Autosport we would like to give you an idea of our perspective of this automotive lifestyle. We are passionate carguys and love all facets and styles of cars and brands. Get connected with us and our idea and together we will burn fuel with love.

Timo Schnee


Dreaming of a title of nobility years ago, he named himself „Van de Schnee“ as a joke, which over time became the name of the game.

Born with a passion for cars and design, he founded VdS in 2014 and brought it with Stefan through a victorious quarter mile racing team to a social car lifestyle community, which is known for it’s cars & coffee meet ups and their „Benzingespräche“ podcast.

Stefan Veres


Working as an independent photographer since 2010 now, he brings in his creativeness and passion for cars to create the whole media content, i.e. our well known „Local Dogs“ series.

Meet the crew

If you got the same passion and like to exchange with us, feel free to drop us a message!